Cloud computing winners and losers: Our audience says…

Cloud computing is off to a slow start amongst enterprise IT buyers, but they are starting to pick suppliers and feel out the market. Who’s in and who’s out?

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Rural America: Building Upon a Record of Success

This morning, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing a White House Rural Council, the first entity of its kind established to focus on policy initiatives for Rural Americans. The…

Vet business nabs $27M DOD contract

Data Computer Corporation of America will help DOD with several IT-related intell services.

Inside the White House Kitchen: Preparing the State Dinner for Germany

Celebrating the first harvest of the spring, the German State Dinner menu uses local ingredients – including vegetables and herbs from the White House Kitchen Garden. Take a look inside with White…

General Dynamics wins $867M DHS infrastructure contract

GSA awarded an $867 million IT infrastructure contract to General Dynamics Corp. as the latest move in a highly competitive acquisition process.

Administration questions military role in cyberspace

The Obama administration objects to legislation that would authorize clandestine operations in cyberspace.

Many US voter identities don't match SSA data

Many new voters submit personal information that doesn’t match Social Security’s records, agency report. What does it mean?

New Obama Administration Jobs and Innovation Initiative to Spur Regional Economic Growth

Regional innovation clusters are based on a simple but critical idea: if we foster coordination between the private sector and the public sector to build on the unique strengths of different…

Weekly Address: Reforming “No Child Left Behind” This Year

Having just given the commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, which has made inspiring progress in recent years, the President says Congress must reform No Child Left…

Preparing for a hybrid cloud move

You won’t get far with hybrid cloud unless you know it inside and out. Take these steps into consideration when planning a hybrid cloud leap.

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